Kym Gold

Entrepreneurial force of nature, triplet sister and mother of three, Kym Gold is intense. Which explains a lot.

Like how she co-founded iconic jeans brand True Religion when there were plenty of designer jeans already to be found. Or like how she launched her mega-watt fashion career standing on the boardwalk in Venice, California selling t-shirts off a rolling rack. Or how she raised her sons through two divorces while heading up one successful fashion brand after another.

In her book “Gold Standard,” Kym’s candid rapid-fire voice reveals all that, plus offers savvy business advice honed from 30 years of firsthand involvement in L.A.’s leading-edge fashion industry. This behind-the-scenes experience added to her passion for mentoring, makes Kym a highly sought after speaker at national Fashion Week events, motivational pod casts and friend’s dinner soirees.

“My mother’s ceramic bowls basically brought me to launch Style Union Home. A Sunday night meal with Nikki’s bowls. So I thought, ‘fuck it, I’m going to do this!’ Fashion rendered in ceramics – from L.A.” – Kym Gold

Now, after designing and building several Architectural Digest-worthy homes, Kym has turned her creative eye and relentless drive to Style Union Home.

Her inspiration? Her mother Nikki, whose legacy of family dinners, nurturing and protecting the familial bond is at the core of every piece that comes from the kiln. Which happens to be named for her.

Kym’s “lead or get out of the way” style, her eye for fashion and her unwavering stance for human rights and equality are the core of Style Union Home. Her husband Marlon Young and two pups (and SUH models) Otto and Poe just try to keep up.