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Paige Pitcher

Color: Blanc

Individuality, rarity, and charm. The perfect decanter? Or your dream partner? While we can‘t get you the latter, our Paige Pitcher might be a good alternate.

  • Available in two sizes our Paige Pitcher can refresh you on a warm summer’s day or offer much needed H2O to your Monstera.
  • Approx
    • Approx 6.5” L, 4” W, 6” H
    • Approx 9.5” L, 5” W, 8.5” H
  • Made to order, yours in  4-6 weeks

“I’m always looking for something that adds to the conversation while you’re dining or entertaining… our Paige Pitcher does just that." — Kym

*Each piece is an individual, hand-crafted by Los Angeles-based potters. No factory molds here, so you may see some variation in the design. We’ll pick one for you, you’ll love it.

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