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Esther Egg Tray

Color: Blanc

The best way to host your eggs. No carton, no waste, just presentation.

  • Whether you keep your eggs in the fridge or on the countertop, this sustainable ceramic tray keeps everything looking sharp.
    • Small (2 Eggs): Approx 5” L, 3” W, .75” H
    • Medium (7 Eggs): Approx 7.5” L, 6.5” W, 1.75” H
    • Large (13 Eggs): Approx 11.25” L, 7” W, 2.5” H
  • Made to order, yours in 2-3 weeks

“It’s another way to elevate and decorate your refrigerator. Great pal with Neena, Berri and Butta!” - Kym

*Each piece is an individual, hand-crafted by Los Angeles-based potters. No factory molds here, so you may see some variation in the design. We’ll pick one for you, you’ll love it.


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