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Nikki Bowl

Color: Blanc

This is the bowl that started it all. Inspired by Kym’s mother Nikki, it’s the bowl that came out every Sunday. Warm feelings all around.

Every Sunday my family ate dinner together. My mom would make a Caesar salad and lasagna. We built memories at the dinner table. Now I sit down with my kids and we do the same thing -- no phones allowed. To me, this bowl represents that legacy. We often don’t remember what people say, but we do remember how they made us feel.”  - Kym 


  • Approx 13" D, 3.5” H

Mindfully Made:

  • Each piece is an individual, hand-crafted by Los Angeles-based potters. No factory molds here, so you may see some variations in the design.
  • Made to order, ships in 10-12 weeks

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