How To Stay Focused On Business Objectives While Acknowledging Current Events

Businesses are operated by people, meaning that whatever current events are taking place in the world, companies will feel an effect because political and social movements impact the people. It’s up to the leaders to determine how to acknowledge the stress their employees are experiencing in their personal lives while also ensuring business objectives are being met. The key is balance.

Leaders need to confront the social and political crises, lead with purpose and set a course of action so both company goals are met and employees feel supported. To acclimate employees to a new normal, follow the strategies listed below from 10 business leaders in Forbes Business Council.

Read International And Local News

"Leaders need to read as much information as possible. Make sure it includes international and local news to stay tuned in; you cannot afford to be oblivious of the time we are in. It is important to acknowledge current events if you hope to create a trustworthy and transparent culture so discourse can happen while working together toward common business goals." - Kym Gold, Style Union Home

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The Latest

"I had a great team at my last business and have the same now. When you have reliable people on your team that feels appreciated and empowered, your business can be unstoppable. Surround yourself with competent and dedicated members that you can trust delegating tasks."

Kym Gold